Technical Specifications

  • Overall Length
  • wingspan
  • Weight

R-27R1 Air-to-Air Guided MissileSu-27, Su-30, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35, MiG-29, Mig-23, Yak-141, PAK FA

The R-27R1 medium range air-to-air missile with semi-active radar homing heads is designed to engage air targets by day and night, in fair and adverse weather conditions, in the front and rear hemispheres, also against diverse underlying surfaces with enemy's active evasive maneuvering and intensive jamming.

The missiles pursue their targets in accordance with an update proportional navigation method both in the inertial/radio-corrected flight trajectory phase and in the semi-active homing phase after locking on target en route.

The missiles' fusing systems are based on radar proximity and impact target sensors.The missile layouts are characterized by modular design.The R-27R1 are intended for arming MiG/Su-type combat aircraft.

Fire Specifications
  • caliber