Technical Specifications

  • Overall Length
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Max Range
  • Weight of Loaded Magazine

125mm Round TB 9M14MThermobaric Anti-Personnel Guided Missile

The thermobaric warhead for the 9M14M ATGM is intended for very precise destroying from a high distance the enemy emplacements (bunkers, battlefield fortifications, reinforced building, stone, brick or concrete fortifications), light armored vehicles and enemy troops in shelters.

The missile is adapted to be carried and used by paratroops, special tactical and attack groups thus minimizing civilian casualties. The burst creates a peak of overpressure of 50 kPa in radius of minimum 8 m from the hit point in a open ground or a closed room with volume of 100 m3 .

The blast wave is propagated copying the surface contour. In the burst zone, oxygen "ignites" and the temperature goes up beyond the limit of 800-C. The TB WH is a high effective and inexpensive solution for modernization of existing 9M14M ATGM changing and expanding the applied using field.

Fire Specifications
  • caliber