Technical Specifications

  • Overall Length
    2 110mm
  • Fire Rate
  • Weight of Weapon
    without tripod
  • Weight of Weapon
    with tripod
  • Weight of Weapon
    with tripod and wheels

SPG-973mm Recoilless gun, Tripod-mounted, Man-portable

The 73 mm SPG-9 is a lightweight anti-tank and anti-armored gun, normally carried by two soldiers, crewed by four and mounted on a tripod for firing.

It can be towed using a small two-wheel carriage and may be mounted on vehicles. The optical sight is provided for direct fire.

The SPG-9 is light, and is normally transported by vehicle, and carried into position by two soldiers (one gunner and one loader). It can be deployed in around a minute. The weapon is in service with a large number of armed forces, and a variety of ammunition is produced, however mostly they are copies of the original Soviet PG-9 HEAT and OG-9 FRAG-HE rounds.

The system construction bestows some ballistic advantages and also allows the extension boom to break free from the rest of the projectile but be ejected from the gun muzzle. The projectile consists of the warhead and a tubular rocket motor which is ignited by a delay element shortly after ejection from the muzzle of the gun.

Fire Specifications
  • caliber