Technical Specifications

  • Barrel Length
  • Max Fire Rate
  • Max Effective Fire Range

AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher _Plamya30mm

The AGS-17 is a heavy infantry support weapon designed to operate from a tripod or it can be mounted on an installation or vehicle. The AGS-17 fires 30 mm grenades in either direct or indirect fire to provide suppressive and lethal fire support against soft skinned or fortification targets.

The weapon operates using a blowback mechanism to sustain operation. Rounds are fired through a rifled barrel which is removable (to reduce barrel stress).

Ammunition is held in a metal box and is linked. Standard boxes contain 30 rounds.

The tripod is equipped with fine leveling gear for indirect fire trajectories.

Fire Specifications
  • fire mode
    Full Automatic
  • caliber
  • boxcapacity