Technical Specifications

  • Overall Length

80 mm S-8 KOM Aviation Unguided Rocket

The unguided aviation rocket S-8 KOM with a hollow-charge and fragmentation warhead is intended to defeat ground armoured targets (tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APC), etc.) and unarmoured ground targets (missiles, launching units, radiolocation stations, etc.), and enemy's personnel.

The unguided aviation rocket S-8 KOM is included in the composition of the unguided aviation armament of aircraft and helicopters of the front-line and army aviation forces, as well as of ship-based aircraft and helicopters.

The rockets S-8 KOM are fired by the launching pods of the aircraft guns B8, B8_, B8_1, B80, and B8S7 and for helicopters B8V20_ and B8V7 and their modifications.

Fire Specifications
  • caliber