Technical Specifications

  • Diameter
  • crew
  • mount
    ground mount on folding tripod or pintel (post) on bmp-1p, btr-d, uaz-469, etc.
  • Weight of Weapon

9M113 Launcher "Konkurs"for anti-tank missile system "Konkurs"

The 9M113 is used on the BMP-2 and BMD-2 as the secondary armament with a fixed 9S428 guidance controller and launch system on the vehicle roof. Missiles are supplied in sealed containers placed directly on the launcher. An optical fire-control system, the 9Sh119M1, is integrated into the gunner's main BPK-1-42 fire-control system. Four rounds are carried which are used to load the launcher via the gunner's hatch, with the launcher traversed and folded to the vertical to accept the missile canister. The launcher system can also fire the shorter range 9M111 Fagot/Faktoria missiles

    Armoured vehicle applications:
  • Tracked BMP-2 (single-tube turret launcher)
  • BMD-1RD (single-tube turret launcher plus ground launcher)
  • Tracked BMD-1P (single-tube turret launcher)
  • Tracked BMD-2 (single-tube turret launcher)
  • Tracked BMD-3 (single-tube turret launcher) Tracked BMP-1P (single-tube turret launcher)
  • Tracked BMP-30 (single-tube turret launcher)
  • Tracked BMP-23A
  • Tracked BMP-23
  • 4x4 9P137 and 9P148
  • 4x4 Fahd 30 AFV
Fire Specifications