Technical Specifications

12.7x108 mm Machine Gun Cartridge12.7x108mm

The 12.7x108 mm cartridge is a heavy machine gun and anti-materiel rifle cartridge. It is used in the same roles as the NATO .50 BMG (12.7_99mm NATO) cartridge. The two differ in bullet shape and weight, and the casing of the 12.7x108mm is slightly longer and thicker, allowing it to hold slightly more of a different type of powder. The 12.7x108mm can be used to engage a wide variety of targets on the battlefield, and will destroy unarmored vehicles, penetrate lightly armored vehicles and damage external ancillary equipment (i.e.: searchlights, radar, transmitters, vision blocks, engine compartment covers) on heavily armored vehicles such as tanks.

Suitable for the following weapons:

    AMR-2 Anti-materiel Sniper Rifle; DShK Heavy Machine Gun; Berezin UB Aircraft Machine Gun; NSV Heavy Machine Gun; Kord Heavy Machine Gun; Type 77 Heavy Machine Gun; W85 Heavy Machine Gun; _ZW-127 Anti-materiel Sniper Rifle; V-94 Anti-tank/Anti-materiel Rifle; KSVK Anti-materiel Sniper Rifle; Gepard Anti-materiel Rifles; M93 Sniper Rifle; Vidhwansak Anti-Material Rifle; 6P62 Anti-material Assault Rifle; OSV-96 Anti-material Sniper Rifle; Zastava M02 Coyote Heavy Machine Gun; Yak-B 12.7mm Gatling Gun; SVN-98 Experimental Anti-material Rifle; Zastava M87 Heavy Machine Gun

Fire Specifications
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