Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions
  • Magnification
  • digital zoom
  • Resolution
  • Field of View
    12(h) x 9(v)
  • Power Supply
    3 x li-ion 18650 rechargable batteries
  • Thermal Sensitivity
  • outputformat
    ccir (pal)
  • Weight of Housing
    magnesium alloy

Thermal Vision Sights IdentifieR

The thermal sights IdentifieR-50 and IdentifieR-100 allow detection, intelligence and maintenance of target shooting purposes, emitting energy in the infrared spectrum. They operate in rain, fog and in total darkness using completely passive mode /without additional backlight/. The design of the sights allows them to be used as portable cameras. The manipulation is made through buttons and graphical interface organized as OSD /on-screen-display/. There is a selection of exchangeable reticle designs and elevation correction capabilities of the serial interface settings organized through custom software.

The IdentifieR sights are devices suitable to be used by the Special forces, Army and Police. They provide clear and sharp picture of the battlefield regardless of the weather, thereby increasing the operational efficiency and precision of the staff as its security.

They are designed to exceed expectations with the following tasks:

  • target acquisition;
  • target fire;
  • fire control;
  • tactical and strategical surveillance;
  • field reconnaissance.
Fire Specifications