Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions
  • Magnification
  • Field of View
  • Focus Range
    0.25 - ∞
  • Weight
    without battery

Night Vision Monocular DIANA M40/M50

Night vision Monocular Diana M40 / M50 is a universal device for night vision. It can be used for individual night observation with magnification 1x and full field of view wider than 50°. It can be used to find, recognize and identify low-illuminated and low-contrasting targets. The monocular can function in conditions of natural night light because the source of illumination of the object is the light from the night sky, in the closest IR area of the spectrum. The observation with the monocular is made when it is mounted to a facemask, helmet mount or used manually. When an a-focal magnifier is mounted in front of the objective the device turns into a night monocular with a 3x, 4x or 5x magnification and a full field of view more than 10°, 7° and 4.5° respectively.

Fire Specifications