Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions
  • Magnification
  • Field of View
  • Focus Range
    0.25 - ∞
  • Power Supply
    1 x 1.5v aa (r6) alkaline
  • Power Supply
    1 x 1.2v aa (r6) a
  • Weight
    without battery

Single Tube Night Vision Goggles DIANA

Single tube night vision goggles Diana are universal devices for night vision. They are designed for individual night observation with no magnification and full field of view more than 45°. With their help low-illuminated and low-contrasting objects can be found, recognized and identified. The goggles operate in the conditions of natural night illumination because the illumination source for the object is the emission of the night sky and is in the close infrared range of the spectrum. The observation is made in two ways:

  • when the goggles are mounted to the face mask or helmet;
  • when the goggles are used manually.

The observation range depends on the level of natural night illumination, the clarity of the atmosphere and the contrast between the background and the object. They are capable of being combined with a-focal magnifiers which transform the device into night binoculars with magnification of 3x, 4x or 5x and a full field of view more than 10°, 7° and 4.5° respectively.

Fire Specifications